Board & Train


The Board and Train program is two weeks of 24/7 attention for your dog. During the 14 day stay, your dog will be fully immersed in our structure and routine in order to learn appropriate social skills and responses to daily expectations. 

This program is geared towards dogs with severe behavioral issues such as but not limited to: people and dog aggression, fear-based reactions and anxieties. However, it is also a perfect fit for someone who just doesn't have enough time in the day to work with their dogs. 

Following your dog's 14 day stay, we will have a scheduled lesson in order to transfer the training over to you! This lesson will cover everything your dog has learned and how to implement it at home. 

wWe want to set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success so, after the initial tralesson, you have two years of unlimited continued support from us.

The total cost of this program includes: 

a remote collar and place cot

What to expect after the Board and Train:

Come when called on and off leash 

Door manners 

Duration place

Sit / stay

Down / stay 

Walking on leash 

Addressing any nuisance behaviors

Behavioral modification