Client Testimonials

My three-year-old Black Russian Terrier, Nitro, was a handful to deal with. I’m experienced with the breed, but I was not prepared for a dominant, reactive, intact male with the behavior and temperament that Nitro has. He is extremely dog reactive and has a high prey drive. I tried everything I knew about training to try to work with him. Nothing worked when he focused in and wanted to go after another dog. I tried obedience classes with him but had to stop attending after two sessions because it just wasn’t safe to have him around other dogs in such a small setting. I felt defeated and feared that Nitro would have to spend the rest of his life confined to my home. After I met Chelsea and Kevin, everything changed. During the consultation, they spent over an hour with me and Nitro. We talked about my concerns, what my goals were, and set expectations for what would be accomplished during training. I chose to complete the Full Day Immersion training because I felt confident that I would be able to work with Nitro at home on any weekly homework. After the first session, Nitro came home, and I could already see an improvement. He is, after all, a large working breed dog and I think he just needed to be understood and given a job. I can now successfully communicate with Nitro using the remote collar. I can now pair my commands using the collar and when I need to get his attention, he responds to me. Each session with Chelsea and Kevin molded Nitro’s behavior. He is still a happy, goofy dog, but his negative behaviors and reactivity are now able to be worked through and managed. They also helped me, as a handler, understand how to communicate and work with a dog like Nitro. I am now able to confidently and safely walk Nitro in parks around other dogs with little to no reaction. And if he does react, I’m able to redirect his attention to me with the remote collar. Chelsea and Kevin were professional, knowledgeable, patient, and encouraged me to be a more confident handler. They made training Nitro fun and they delivered results that went above and beyond my expectations!

-Alex D.