Private Lessons


The Private Lesson program offers, in total, four lessons. The first two lessons take place in your home where we will teach the groundwork of training to you and your dog. the following two lessons can be conducted (per trainer discretion) at an off site location i.e a park , pet store, etc. 

This program is geared towards those owners who are looking to teach the basics and been the most hands on with their dog. 

After completing this program, you will have an additional fifth lesson to use within six months from your fourth lesson.

During the lessons we will cover: 

Come when called 

Door manners

Place / stay 

Sit / stay 

Walking nicely on leash 

Addressing any nuisansce behaviors (jumping, play biting etc.)

the total cost of the program includes:

remote collar and place cot

The owners are a key fact in this program and will be responsible for the repetitions and upkeep between lessons. it is imperative that the follow through is there so we can help you take your dog to the highest level of training.