The Full Day Immersion program is great for owners who need a little extra help addressing some more severe behavioral problems such as aggression towards people or other dogs, anxieties or fear-based reactions.  It could also simply be for those who struggle to find extra time during their week.  This way owners can dedicate most of their focus just on follow through.

This program spans over a 4 week time period where your dog will spend one full day with a trainer each week. Each full day your dog spends with us will consist of a morning pick up and an evening lesson where we will cover everything your dog learned during the day.

After the completion of the initial four weeks, you will have one year of follow up lessons at your disposal for continued support.


During these lessons we will cover:

  • come when called

  • door manners

  • place/stay

  • sit/stay

  • down/stay

  • walking nicely on leash

  • addressing any nuisance behaviors like jumping and play biting.

  • off leash recall

  • behavioral modification


The total cost of this program includes:  Remote collar and place cot.

The owners are a key factor in this program and will be responsible for the repetitions and upkeep between lessons. It is imperative that the follow through is there so we can help you take your dog to the highest level of training.