What training methods do you use?

Capital Canine uses a ‘balanced training methods’ which means we believe in teaching dogs right from wrong. This helps us to ensure that we create proper rules, boundaries and a consistent expectation from you and your dog. 

We want to ensure that your dog always looks to you before making decisions that could have detrimental consequences and in turn create a happy and healthy relationship. 



What type of tools do you use to train dogs? 

We specialize in e-collars and always pair them with treats and food and praise. 

E-collars help bridge the gap between trainer and client and is the fastest way to see reliable results in your dog!



How do I pick the right program? 

The private lessons are typically for families that have more time on their hands to teach their dog what they need to learn. The full day immersion allows us to lay more the foundation for you, while you just have some homework between lessons. Depending on your dog and their needs, we may suggest more intensive training due to behavioral issues we need to work through.  


If you are unsure of what program you would like to move forward with Capital Canine will be more than happy to talk with you over the phone to discuss options. If you are still undecided we can always come to your home for a Free Consultation to see your pup and discuss behaviors, training goals and expectations. 



Whats the earliest I can start training my puppy?

We typically start our advanced training at 16 weeks but it is never too early to start socializing your dog! We offer a Puppy 101 program where we go into detail on how to raise your puppy right! Topics we cover are: potty training, crate training, socialization, breed expectations and much more! 


How old is too old for training?

Theres no such thing! We’ve worked with dogs of all ages. It’s never too late to train a dog.



How fast will I see results? 

Results happen the first week and will continue so long as you stay consistent with your expectations of your dog. Remember, we are rebuilding new rules and boundaries between you and your dog so it's very important to train as you live. Our goal is for this to be a lifestyle not just an hour a day of practice. 



Do you guarantee results?

No we do not guarantee training results because owners are responsible for follow through with training practices during and after the lessons are complete. 

However, we have on going support in order to be there every step of the way to help you achieve your goals with your dog!