'Bad dogs need training, good dogs deserve it.' 

Capital Canine was founded by Chelsea Uribe and Kevin Ivasku to deliver dog training and rehabilitation programs to Columbus Ohio and it's surrounding area. Our goal is to build reliable training that will result

in longterm success for you and your dog. 

In an industry that is saturated with conflicting views, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find answers. With our balanced approach, we can help. Our objective is not to only train your dog, but to teach you the skills and consistency you need for a happy and obedient dog. 

We set no limits on size, breed, age or degree of behavioral issues you may be struggling with. We are experienced with dog aggression towards people and other dogs, resource guarding, leash pulling, off leash training and everything in between.

Chelsea Uribe Co Owner

Kevin Ivasku Co Owner

grew up in a household that, at any given point, had multiple pets; and , I always had a soft spot for them, especially the dogs. Caring for our pets brought a lot of joy to my life. After graduating from college, I was working a corporate job when I decided to adopt a dog of my own. He was a two year old German Shepherd named Zeke. Soon after bringing him home, it became obvious that he was in need of some serious training. I looked into a balanced dog training facitiy that was eerything we needed. The trainers there taught me how to help my crazy dog. Through working with Zeke, seeing him improve and learning about dog training methods, a passion developed; and I knew I needed to get involved in the dog training community and help others who were struggling with their pups. I took a leap of faith, left my corporate job, and started working with and continuing to learn from the same trainers who helped me and Zeke. Through that experience, i was afforded countless opportunities to work with dogs, their owners and high-level trainers in the industry. I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with the community and their dogs to help transform their project dogs into their dream dog! 

As long as I can remember, working with animals was all I ever wanted to do. Anything I could rescue and rehabilitate, I would; and, as I grew older, that dedication only intensified. Over the passed ten plus years I worked hands on in shelters and veterinary clinics to help educate employees, volunteers and customers on the language of dogs. I graduated from National K9 School for Dog Trainers, where I gained my certification as a professional dog trainer. After my training, I spent five years working at a balanced dog training facility, where we handled some of the most extreme cases of aggression and anxiety. Helping owners find balance with such sever cases became my truest passion. 

Now through Capital Canine I've been given the opportunity to share all that I've learned with anyone who needs help! I can't wait to see you and your pup!